Meet some of our wonderful members, who’ve danced, sweat and laughed with us! KDFit members come from all walks of life, but they all share the same love for KDFit.

Corinna C.

Member since: Sep 2020
Favorite KDFit choreo: Throw a Fit

My favorite thing about KDFit is the community; everyone is so encouraging! I love the classes, instructors and their unique choreography!

In the past people would tell me to find exercise that I love and before KDFit I never really understood what that meant, but now I do! Even when I’m not in the mood or in my workout clothes, all I’ve got to do is turn on the BAND app during a class and within minutes I’m ready and working out.

Since joining KDFit, my confidence about my body and how I look have gone sky high. I’m feeling really good and motivated to stay healthy in all aspects of my life. I’m even learning to appreciate myself! Since I joined in September I’ve gone down one pant size, which was a huge surprise and accomplishment. Thank you KDFit (and Racquel  for bringing me to class) for continuing to be a part of my story! I truly love and appreciate each and every person in the KDFit community.

Javontae B.

Member since: Mar 2018
Favorite KDFit choreo: Buss It, Baddest Ting, Fashion Week

I joined KDFit as an escape from the intensity/pressures of training as an advanced level dancer. I felt like I could be free in the room with KDFit instructors as they actively show love and support to every member that comes through the building. KDFit provides an environment where everyone can feel safe to reach their goals in a way that’s comfortable for them. There is no pressure to do anything other than have fun, push yourself and burn calories!

To me, what makes KDFit unique is the usage of dance movement as a form of workout. Most of the time workouts are just pretty boring. There’s no style to it as it’s pretty cut and dry. But KDFit gives you a chance to work out with personality and finesse which is something you won’t find in any gym.

Since I’ve been taking KDFit I’ve noticed a tremendous change in my confidence and style when it comes to dance. I feel more comfortable taking risks and really making movements my own. My stamina has steadily gotten better and better over time and I’m more able to pace myself in my normal dance classes.

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